Who we ARE: The Institute is an interdisciplinary center engaged in both direct  service and research/reflection/education and communications. A project of the Maryland, Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), The Institute main office is located at the Provincial Offices in Baltimore, Maryland. One of our key ministry partners is The Jesuit Collaborative.
Our goals: Our primary purpose is to advance ministry with and on behalf of those who have found it necessary to leave their homelands and seek employment, shelter and a more dignified life in our region.

 We promote healthy community development and integration into the mainstream of Church and society of our growing Immigrant communities.

Our programmatic objectives: Drawing on the experience, understanding, skills of internationally trained practitioners and scholars, our ministry entails: Pastoral accompaniment of migrants in countries of origin, transit and destination; Research and education concerning the causes and effects of migration in countries of origin, transit and destination; Promotion of the human rights of migrants, regardless of their juridical status.

Specifically, we pursue the goals of:

  • Evangelization
  • Community support and development
  • Leadership capacity building
  • Furthering mutual understanding and respect between host communities and newcomers through research, workshops and leadership training.
  • Education of the public on behalf of human rights of migrants.

How we go about it: Pastoral and ecclesial formation services are extended by mobile teams spread throughout region, with staff support, coordination, program development, evaluation and oversight provided by the Institute central office.

Current efforts are directed primarily toward the Hispanic communities in our region. The teams offer Parish retreats, popular missions, leadership courses and workshops, and multicultural pastoral support in Spanish and English.

Ignatian spirituality, reflection on experience and capacity building are the hallmarks of this ministry. We do this in close collaboration with the Dioceses, their Hispanic Ministry offices and parish leaders.

The Institute serves as a central node in the network of practitioners and scholars who are working in Latino communities throughout the East Coast. It hosts and facilitates communication and exchange among these vital supports to community growth through workshops, seminars and ongoing research and reflection and extensive use of communications technologies.

In service to the Church, we promote deepening of Catholic faith, community service, cross cultural communication, capacity building and increasing awareness of the human and cultural richness offered by newcomers and host communities alike.

Our scope is regional, and our perspective is international.

News & Announcements

  • A great series of film clips on immigrant life in South Carolina is available for available for viewing at www.Knowitall.org.  Don't miss it!
  • JHMC Gathering in MILWAUKEE, WI June 15-18, 2009.  This meeting of the Jesuit Hispanic Minsitry Conference (JHMC) will focus on skill development in intercultural and intergenerational dialogue in and with the Hispanic communities throughout the country. Stay tuned!

Blog Updates

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Institute on Migration, Culture, and Ministry

A project of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), to promote Ignatian spirituality and leadership development in new immigrant as well as receiving church communities.
  1. Preparatory meeting for Pastors' Conference

  2. Fourth Spanish Silent Directed Retreat Weekend at Faulkner, MD

  3. Conferencia Ignaciana at Mount Manresa